Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There's too late because KRL Repair Rail, Passenger degree Blockade Action

HBO Lanjutkan Serial Game of Thrones
Pecinta serial "Game of Thrones" boleh bernafas lega. Presiden HBO Programming Michael Lombardo belum lama ini mengumumkan HBO akan melanjutkan serial produksi orisinalnya itu dengan dua musim terbaru, lima dan enam.

Saat ini, serial garapan Executive Producer David Benioff ("X Men Origins", "Troy") dan D.B. Weiss ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") ini tengah memasuki musim keempat yang baru tayang perdana di HBO Asia akhir pekan lalu.
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"'Game of Thrones' adalah sebuah fenoma yang berbeda. David Benioff dan D.B. Weiss, ditambah kolaborasi talenta mereka, yang kian luar biasa membuat kami menanti lebih banyak lagi tutur cerita mereka yang memukau," ujar Michael dalam siaran pers yang diterima

Tidak disebutkan kapan musim terbaru tersebut mulai diproduksi dan ditayangkan.
Diangkat dari buku serial fantasi terlaris karya George R.R. Martin, serial pemenang Emmy ini menceritakan perseteruan beberapa "house" atau kerajaan di benua Westeros untuk memperebutkan kekuasaan.

Di Indonesia, "Game of Thrones" tayang setiap Minggu, pukul 21.00 WIB di kanal HBO dan HBO HD.


Three AP Build Skyscraper

Reuters corporate environment (KG) in Palmerah, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta will be surrounded by three towers of a skyscraper.

The three towers each have 18, 27 and 50 floors. The two towers are in the field or behind the Orange heralds Culture Jakarta, a tower right next to the BBJ currently used as building advertising Compass.

While the building has 50 floors will be built behind the building Compass today.

Interestingly, the building is constructed emphasizes the unique shape and very energy efficient. For the first phase of construction is expected to be completed tower 1 next year to coincide with the anniversary of the Kompas daily.

AP CEO Supreme Adiprasetyo stated, the building forms a simple reflection that would like to invite all employees to grow together.
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"There needs to be a sign indicates the company is growing and developing well guarded. So there must be 50 years of age who can show something that is seen.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nokia Blusukan to Photography Community

Jakarta - was heavily introduced Lumia Nokia 1020 is equipped with 41 MP resolution camera . Blusukan to community action photography was done by the Finnish vendor .

One way is to hold a Community Chat with photography community in Moodz Cafe , Epicentrum , Brass . The event is an event of education and experience Lumia 1020 to the photography community .

The photography workshop entitled " Smartphone Camera Revolution ' with speakers Rambey Arbaeen , one of the senior photographer of national newspapers and Anvid Erdian , Product Manager of Nokia .
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In his presentation , Arbaeen Rambey said that the presence of a high-resolution camera phone helps the user to get the qualified object .

In fact today, further Arbaeen mostly journalists and photographers feel quite simply bringing camera phones with high resolution rather than carrying a DSLR camera .

" Journalists and photo journalists now increasingly facilitated as camera phones already have the camera quality is very good , " said Arbaeen .

Furthermore, the senior photographer said that in the future there will only be three cameras segmentation . first ; DSLR entered the studio segment . This camera will only be used in a photo studio replace medium format camera .

Second , mirrorless camera replace a DSLR . Third , prosumer cameras and pocket cameras will be gone replaced by smartphones .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Caught Peeking Answer Friends, Students Should Not Join UN Barely

Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) found complaints regarding three students are in danger of not following the National Examination in East Jakarta . Chairman KPAI Asrorun Ni'am Salah said three children were indicated in violation of school rules in each.

" We found three complaints , the problem of the violation of the order . Someone jumped the fence and caught a peek at his friend's answer , " said Asrorun , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

However , he continued , after discussion and advocacy with the school committee and the organizing committee examination , the child is allowed three exams . Because, said Asrorun , following a UN human rights of each student .

"UN the basic rights of the students . Rights of students to take a test to be served , " he said .

Besides in Jakarta , KPAI also opened a post complaints such as UN in some areas of Central Java , Banten , Lampung , Depok and Bekasi . In each region , the complaints received different. Like for example in the Bantam , which accepted the case on technical constraints such as distance between the school and not imbalance the existing infrastructure .

" Infrastructure with in the city and where they are experiencing gaps . Besides in Punjab , it also occurs in Lampung , " said Asrorun .

Meanwhile, in Central Java , there is a student complaint lodged criminal cases . While in Depok , there are schools that can not hold the UN because of the location of the school does not qualify the organization .

" All the complaints that we receive , and we advocate . All the cases discussed how the way out so that the child will still be able to take the test . Because once again , follow the UN is a basic right of every student , " said Asrorun .
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" Tomorrow certain children who lodged the case could follow the UN , including those in East and Central Java , " he said .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Deposition Lumpur MH370 search difficult for the Indian Ocean

A P3 Orion aircraft Australia has detected the possibility of a signal from the black box flight recorder Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing . However, search into the seabed of the Indian Ocean will be complicated by silt .

Marshal Angus Houston , who led the search operation , said the plane detects a signal near the Royal Australian Navy ship Ocean Shield on Thursday ( 03/10/2014 ) .

Houston said , further analysis is required , but the signal may come from a man-made sources .

Search area has been narrowed down from 75,000 square kilometers to about 58,000 square kilometers after four signal detected in an area of less than 40 kilometers away from a U.S. Navy search tool installed by Ocean Shield . (see also: Waptrick Download)

The fifth signal detected by the plane that captures the transmission of a listening device mounted near the ship Ocean Shield .

Center of the search area is located approximately 2280 kilometers north-west of Perth .

The black box flight recorders will probably give an answer about what happened swampland plane , carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew when it disappeared on March 8, on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing .

Batteries of the black box may be dead after 30 days , so the effort to find it at the bottom of the ocean becomes more difficult .

Search efforts are now focused on two areas - aircraft and ships in the area around 2,240 kilometers north-west of Perth , and a smaller area of ​​about 600 miles closer to the city of Western Australia .

The experts argue , this operation is a very difficult task .

" Working near the bottom of the sea is very difficult because it is unfamiliar territory : no one had ever been there before , " said University of NSW marine experts , Erik van Sebille .

Air Marshal Houston agrees and warns , because the sea is deep, so the search for the missing plane was going to be very difficult .

Conditions of silt on the sea floor also complicate efforts to capture a black box .

" Silt is material that tends to be very deep and something that falls there will be swallowed up by the silt on the sea floor , " he said .


Recent jab Astana police chief, was sentenced to four years in prison Pledge

Performers pembacokan the Commissioner Astanaanyar Kapolsekta Sutorih convicted by a District Court Judge Panel ( PN ) Bandung . The main actors are slashing Iklar Sutorih sentenced to four years in prison . While Epri Rudianto cleaver owner was sentenced to three years in prison .

" For this defendant Iklar sentenced to four years with a primary charge of Article 170 , paragraph 2 , letter e , for Epri three years , the same article , " said Public Prosecutor ( Prosecutor) Agus Mujoko in Bandung District Court on Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

The trial was held briefly led the judges Indiarto Joko , who also doubles as the PN PR Bandung . The judge also sentenced three other defendants , Irfan , Anga , and Ade .

" All three are charged under Article 351 in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code with a penalty of six months in jail , " he explained .

To note , January 5, 2014 and became a victim Sutorih pembacokan the defendants in a pub dangdut numbers Bandung Jalan Sudirman . Sutorih stabbed while breaking up the middle of the fray .
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Sutorih free dressed wounds had to be experienced in the back of the head . Later, the defendant claimed not to know if the person is a police officer was hacked .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plus Minus Home Schooling in Eye Kak Seto

FIVE years , the development of home schooling is increasing . Communities of the upper middle class many of their children to a home or home-schooled education .

Seto Mulyadi who has Kak Seto Home Schooling ( HSKS ) in Plastica numbers , there are many children who assess achievement of the non - formal . According to him , education should not be reachable from the formal school week following the teaching and learning activities .

" Many of the children from the home schooling glorious achievement . Graduates of Kak Seto Home Schooling there are study abroad , getting a scholarship in the Faculty of medicine and ITB , even exceeding the formal school achievement , " he told Okezone interviewed at his residence , Cirendeu , Jakarta , recently.
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The man who was familiarly called Kak Seto sees home schooling , children can focus on the lessons learned . Because in the home schooling , the class does not have a lot of children . That way , the child will concentrate on what he found .

Despite its many advantages , home schooling also has shortcomings , namely the matter of cost and less regarded as the son of a public school . However , Kak Seto assure that children who have the educational background of home schooling have the same degree with the children in the formal school .

" Some say it is expensive and not as children of other formal school . Yes definitely , it's home schooling , here are just kids who want to learn more moved in about anything . Home schooling is also equal to the school formal , it's just much more focused , a little of his students , and relaxing not stressful when children learn , " he concluded .